Selfshot taken in forest near Sisak, in August 2011. Model: Canon EOS 450D, f/4.5, 2.59sec, ISO-400, 18mm.

Down below is the same photo implemented in a black metal album cover design, along with some other photos of mine. Yeah, very dark and pagan indeed. :)



Winter fur

Good day. I present you my old song (recorded in August 2010), called “Zimsko krzno” (Croatian for “Winter fur”). It was made during my previous, metal band, Slavogorje (Croatian word meaning “Hills of Slavs” or “Hills of Glory”) and it’s one of the songs from the album with the same title (info / tracklist: Metal archives).

I find it very emotional, because it was written on the day my band’s Finnish friend committed suicide (his nick name was “Winterfuhr”). So I’ve written the lyrics, comparing people to a wolf pack, in it’s tendency to death and survival, as my Finnish friend was a wolf who has abandoned his pack.

Guitar and drums programming have been made by Isar, and the keyboards, piano and vocals have been performed by myself. Click on the banner below to download this song (if that doesn’t work for you, please let me know):


Note: the music genres is black metal, very extreme genre (and I’m lovin’ it). So, it’s not for everyone. Besides that, you can always skip to cca 2:48min of the song, where the ambient part starts. Have a nice listening.


No, not film genre. And not Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

This time the term is used for a young Croatian Music School, and it represents kind of decor in the world of music notations. Something like those sloppy curves above some notes. So I’ve used those “sloppy decorations” in my design.

After several ideas for logotype, I’ve made a sketches for Thriller diplomas. Note: “Thriller” is a music school for kids, that’s the reason my ideas are a bit of… childish. :)


Stone Mark

Forest #1 picture in forest series.

Now is the time to show you my love for the forests. Forest shot with the treemark in the first plan. Photo is taken in 25.04.2010., in Hrastovička forest, Croatia. Format: 850x567px. Model: Canon EOS 450D, f/7.1, 1/60sec, ISO-400, 18mm.


Morning Upon Arkona

Arkona was the last Slavic castle destroyed in 1168 by Danish invaders. The old temple dedicated to a pagan deity Svantevit was also destroyed. After that, Christianization has been spreading across the region’s population.

The song is inspired by the majestic beauty of a temple city of the North Germany. This instrumental piece also describes the very morning, before Arkona faces its death. “A morning upon Arkona” (“Jutro nad Arkonom”) was primary featured on my old pagan metal band, Slavogorje (album “Priroda Opstanka” / “Nature of Survival”).

Of course, click on the banner and download this song.