Good afternoon to all bloggers and readers!

This is my first attempt to create and maintain blog of my own. So, don’t be too harsh on me! Any recommendations and critics are needed, tho. Feel free to ask me everything.

I will tend to make this blog simple, short, and stick to themes such as graphic design, photography, typography, writing, visual communication, music, nature / ecology and arts in general. Why these themes? Well I’ve graduated at University of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, and I hope that writing this blog will be a good way to show my works, to share experience and expand my own knowledge and finally – to get this custom of frequent improving my junior design skills.

In every blog entry I’ll share one or more artistic pieces (whether it’ll be the picture of some of my book layouts, a new photo of a forest at night, or some ethereal song I’ve composed and performed), following it will a description of each “product”.

In general, consider it as my portfolio and experience-sharing.

I really hope this introduction of mine will remain the longest of my blog entries. Thank you for reading this, see you soon! : )

P.s. the photo in this post is called “Neo-baroque Lustre”; it is a detail from the cafe bar “Hop Devil” in Zagreb, Croatia.
Taken in 09.09.2010. Format: 850x567px.
Model: Canon EOS 450D, f/6.3, 1/6sec, ISO-400, 18mm.


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