One of the traffic billboard ideas, this time for Kempinski Hotels in Istria, Croatia. Kempinski Hotel Adriatic and Kempinski general logotypes by Kempinski, other elements by me.



Waves Like Arrows


My favorite music ensemble, Elend, inspired me today with its new song, “Waves Like Arrows”. So I’ve gathered three photos and digitally edited them into a photo-manipulation and montage, as you can see above. So I’ve made an idea for album cover, with Elend’s funeral, spiritual and mystic atmosphere. The photos, in their ‘real shape’ are down below, so you can find them on a montage. :)

Thank you Elend, for inspiring me.


Misty Stream

Very old song of mine (made sometime in 2006), in the vein of dark ambient / neofolk style. It is about the slow crawling of the mist, through the forests and moors. Maglotok means “Stream of the Mist” in Croatian.

Click on the banner below to download this song (if that doesn’t work for you, please let me know):


P.s. video has been made and put on youtube, by a fellow band-member, Isar: link.

Natural + Healthy = ?


Hehe, these XXL billboards were part of my designing duties for the HPK (Croatian Agricultural Council) campaign, concerning the entrance of Croatia into EU. More precisely, this is a “teaser” type of the poster – it comes in two parts, with a time interval of several weeks. First poster poster represents an idea, and the second one reveals the message behind the idea.

Note: background photo is taken from stock libraries. The other elements and idea are mine of course.


Translation from Croatian to English:

Prirodno + zdravo = domaće | Natural + healthy = domestic



A photo-manipulation dedicated to Laguz rune. Taken at the lake in the Maksimir forest (Zagreb, Croatia).