A photo-manipulation dedicated to Laguz rune. Taken at the lake in the Maksimir forest (Zagreb, Croatia).



“Barbari Panonske Ravni” (“Barbarians of the Pannonian Lowlands”, the opening song from my band’s “Priroda Opstanka” / “Nature of Survival” album, back in 2008) is the ambient black metal song that brings back a history lesson about the late antiquity and the early middle ages, when the Roman Empire faced a great migration of Germanic, Slavic and other assorted tribes (also called the ‘Barbarian Invasions‘), between the years 300 to 700 A.D.

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Cathedral and the details

My past high-key attempt, but turned into a high-pitched photo of a cathedral in Hvar. The last picture contains an interesting ‘character’ on its facade. Is it Buddha on a frontage of a cathedral entrance?


Spinning wheel

…aka “Kolovrat” (Kolo – wheel; Vrat – stem for spinning) is the traditional Slavic symbol of the sun. So I’ve made a song about it, with my old band Slavogorje, on the album “Priroda Opstanka” (‘Nature of Survival’).

Unfortunately, (neo)nazi population has somehow seized old pagan Nordic, Germanic, Indian and Slavic symbolism, and you can see many beautiful runes and symbols integrated in nazi visual identities. The best example is swastika. Both swastika and kolovrat are ancient symbols of sun, life, eternity, auspiciousness etc – all the terms that have nothing to do with modern history, when the symbol was adopted by Nazis in 1920. Ancient, pagan symbols should have NEVER end up twisted and polluted with modern meaning, especially not some extreme-political!

So, I’m loving all those runes and symbols as what they are – inheritance of the old cultures, their visual identity, and their love for nature, seasons and life.

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