Maple Leaf Strategies


Logotype idea.


Marlin Hunter


Just a sketch / quick logo + business card idea for Marlin Hunter fishing company, because I’m in a hurry. :)

Natural + Healthy = ?


Hehe, these XXL billboards were part of my designing duties for the HPK (Croatian Agricultural Council) campaign, concerning the entrance of Croatia into EU. More precisely, this is a “teaser” type of the poster – it comes in two parts, with a time interval of several weeks. First poster poster represents an idea, and the second one reveals the message behind the idea.

Note: background photo is taken from stock libraries. The other elements and idea are mine of course.


Translation from Croatian to English:

Prirodno + zdravo = domaće | Natural + healthy = domestic


No, not film genre. And not Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

This time the term is used for a young Croatian Music School, and it represents kind of decor in the world of music notations. Something like those sloppy curves above some notes. So I’ve used those “sloppy decorations” in my design.

After several ideas for logotype, I’ve made a sketches for Thriller diplomas. Note: “Thriller” is a music school for kids, that’s the reason my ideas are a bit of… childish. :)


Coffeehouse design

These are (my personal) top 5 of the ideas for the coffee shop’s signs. They’re created in Autumn 2011 for my previous client, “Monte Caffe”. My favorite is the last one, of course – I think that retro style suits well in the case of coffeehouse. Logotype is a modification of their existing ones.


And here are two additional logotypes for the other client, “Smart Caffe”, also back in 2011.